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Barre Body

Barre is the term used to describe the exercise form which is based on ballet techniques and movement. Barre workouts provide individuals with a total body workout that combines the strength, conditioning, and flexibility of dancers with the repetition, muscle loading, and structure of a traditional fitness class

Cycling Classes

Our cycling class are open to all individuals at all levels of life. Our classes are fun, motivating and interactive for everyone. 

Mind, Heart, Spirit, and Body

Wheel and Barre seeks a culture of acceptance and compassion for all of our clients and staff. We partner with women professionals across the Birmingham Metro Area to educate women on the most sensitive and often neglected areas of our life. We will offer ongoing education classes for women’s mental, spiritual, sexual, and physical body health


Wheel and Barre is a place for women to come together as a community and support each other’s growth in health and fitness. We want to build a community of women’s health professionals that are in the business of helping women feel the best  through their Mind, Body, and Soul. Women need a place they feel comfortable and not judged when it comes to their body. We welcome women (and men) from all walks of life. When our clients walk through the doors of Wheel & Barre the fears of judgement, criticism, trash talk, or gossip are left in the car. We do not foster an environment where that is welcome or accepted. Wheel & Barre is a place to come and heal your Mind, Body, and Soul.

All classes will be offered to all members at any level of fitness. We will offer both Barre classes and some cycle classes on a schedule that you will have reservation to attend. We will also offer learning sessions from professionals on women’s reproductive health, mental, sexual, nutritional and fitness health because we want to enhance all parts of you. Then once or twice a month we will offer a girls teenager / tween education class and fitness class to keep our young ladies on a health conscience path to womanhood. Twice a month we will offer mommy and me classes so the little ones can join too. 




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